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Wasim & Usman CAR AC and AUTO ELECTRICIAN Auto Electricial Services Auto electrical services - everything you need to know and more Here is a look at the parts of your car which might need the attention of an auto electrician Engine tuning,Engine carbon clean,Alternator,Starter motor,Fuel injection system,Fuel injectors,Electronic fuel pumps,Automatic transmission diagnostics. Other electrical component services:Batteries: The battery supplies electricity to the starter motor and ignition system that starts your car.Air bags: To keep you and your passangers safe, it is good to know your air bags are in working order. Our auto electricians can check and repair any compromised electrical work that has an impact on your air bags.Sound and vision: Looking to add a better entertainment, rear vision or parking system? No worries. We can install, wire and setup sound systems, DVD players, flip down & headrest screens and rear parking cameras and sensors.Power windows and central locking: Central locking and your power windows issues are often caused by an electronics issue that can be easily repaired after a system wide diagnostic scan is performed. Car AC Services Lahore:Products / ServicesCar Air Conditioning Denso & SandenCar AC Parts,Service Maintenance,Repair, Gas ChargingCar A/C FittingCar AC / Jeep AC Compressors Note:if you want Services of your car at your HOME or Office or Emergency you only Call to WASIM & USMAN Car AC & Auto Electrician.0345 4667181, 0340 4845910


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